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Technology in the Workplace: Tools to Create Productive, Pleasant Spaces

Posted by Christy Cooper on Aug 30, 2018 1:17:49 PM

It seems simple: The more technology continues to dominate our lives, the more it should be used to our advantage everywhere — including the workplace. But according to Capital One's Work Environment Survey, "82% of office professionals believe companies can't encourage innovation unless their workplace environment is innovative, and 63% feel innovation isn't reflected at all in their current workplace's design."

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Topics: Workplace Services, Operations

Project the Right Vibe and Attract More Talent to Your Team

Posted by Angie O'Grady on Jul 12, 2018 8:02:00 AM

Today’s world is vastly different from the world even 10 or 15 years ago. And nothing has changed and continues to change faster than the ever-evolving job market.

Businesses that want to not just survive, but thrive, have to move fast, think fast, step outside the box, and be willing to go the extra mile to attract top talent to their team. 

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Topics: Management Consulting, Human Resources, Operations

CEO Insight: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Outsource?

Posted by Michael S OGrady on May 8, 2018 3:01:42 PM

Outsourcing has become a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With technology advancements come progress and change, and many companies are deciding that one of those changes is a move to outsource more of their business needs, instead of hiring in-house.

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Topics: Business Consulting, Operations, Management

5 Reasons Why It's Time to Embrace Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Posted by Angie O'Grady on Feb 6, 2018 7:03:00 AM

Every company’s greatest untapped resource is the unused data in its client database. If managed correctly, this knowledge can transform your business, making it smarter and more profitable. Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can lead the way, turning data into answers and insights. By tracking and storing all your customer interactions – email, phone, website, live chat, etc. – they create a highly organized, central database.

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Topics: Operations, Management


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