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HR Insights: The Benefits of Fractional Human Resources

Posted by StellaPop on Nov 4, 2020 1:10:50 PM

Human resources are often overlooked when starting a business or working in a small business. HR tasks always seem to fall as extra work for management until it gets to be too much. But having a talented human resources team behind your business deserves attention. It can lead to growth opportunities and help you strategically expand and reach success. Let's discuss a solution that provides exceptional human resources without breaking the bank.

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Topics: Management Consulting, Human Resources, Management

Virtual Water Cooler Talk: Foster a Thriving Remote Community

Posted by StellaPop on Oct 28, 2020 6:45:00 AM

Over the last several months, we've been talking a lot about how to manage remote teams and communicate effectively while working entirely online. Even if you're back in the office now, it's still likely group collaborations are happening in a hybrid if not completely online.

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Topics: Management, Leadership

Attract Top Talent by Prioritizing Company Culture

Posted by StellaPop on Oct 22, 2020 6:45:00 AM

As the economy begins to reopen, businesses are faced with a labor market with vastly different expectations. Flexibility, benefits, and work-life balance are still key draws. But the deciding factor for the current crop of job seekers is company culture. It's hardly surprising. With work-from-home life now the norm among almost half the nation, employees are worried about feeling isolated and out of the loop. A strong company culture gives them stability and community. Additionally, the events of 2020 have inspired many working professionals to re-examine their priorities. Where salary used to be the most important factor in taking a job, employees now want to feel that they're part of something meaningful and aligned with their goals and beliefs.

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Why You Need a Management Consulting Agency Now More Than Ever

Posted by StellaPop on Sep 30, 2020 11:38:14 AM

2020 has been a challenging year for most brands. Huge market shifts, dramatic changes in consumer behavior, ever-evolving rules and requirements, and belt-tightening across the board have upended our collective plans and projections. And we're not out of the water yet: there are plenty of unknowns to come! What this all means is that brands need to be resilient, adaptive, and transformative. This is where management consulting firms come in. Management consultants leverage extensive market and industry knowledge to help your brand move forward in a way that allows you to continue to meet your business goals - no matter what this year sends your way. 

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Doing Your Business Outside: Redesigning for the Post-Indoors World

Posted by StellaPop on Sep 24, 2020 9:58:31 AM

If you've been venturing back out into the world in recent weeks and months, you've probably noticed an outdoorsy trend. Mindful of COVID-19 health and safety recommendations, businesses are increasingly taking their businesses to the streets. Why is this? Well, moving operations outdoors means better air circulation along with easier social distancing, allowing businesses to continue serving customers without expensive retrofits or profit-killing limitations on capacity. Let's take a look at some of the creative ways businesses are making the shift from inside to out.

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