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Feeding Frenzy: How to Build Engagement When Launching a Marketing Campaign?

Posted by StellaPop on Aug 17, 2020 9:47:10 AM

Whether you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or not, we can most likely agree on one thing– it’s a highly anticipated event! For over three decades, they’ve attracted millions of viewers, and each year people come back for more. But aside from the amazing content produced, what contributes to Shark Week’s success? Marketing. Taking inspiration from Shark Week, let’s dive in (pun intended) to understanding how to build excitement with your marketing.

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Topics: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sharkapalooza

Shark-eting: Marketing Lessons Learned from Shark Week

Posted by StellaPop on Aug 11, 2020 11:17:02 AM

Shark Week, the Discovery Channel's week-long celebration of the ocean's most fearsome, toothsome creatures, has been racking up record views since 1987. Each year, millions of viewers tune in to check out these silent killers from the safety of their television set or mobile device, with the show has become such a phenomenon that it's inspired countless ads and plenty of Twitter #trendingtopics. 

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Topics: Marketing, Sharkapalooza


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